I have taken great pleasure in exhibiting instruments at various competitons over the years not only as a way of presenting my work to dealers and players but as a way of continuing a conversation with my colleagues about the state of the art.  I list the medals below not because I'm proud of them (though of course I am) but to acknowledge the fantastic spirit these contests foster - of advancing an art and craft, of improving a sound - and the great discussions that happen when a thousand instruments and their makers are in the same room.  

Violin Society of America 21st International Competition
- Gold Medal Viola 
- Certificate of Merit for Quartet Workmanship 

Violin Society of America 20th International Competition
- Silver Medal Quartet Tone
- Certificate of Merit for Violin Tone
- Certificate of Merit for Viola Tone 

The Juilliard School
- violin
- viola
- tenor

Yale University Collection of Stringed Instruments
- Quartet: violin 1, violin 2, viola, violoncello

Colburn School of Music
- viola

Harvard University Collection of Stringed Instruments
- violin 1
- violin 2